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ACC Indústria de Artigos para Escritório Ltda

Established since 1947 in Santo André, SP, ACC has always been guided by honesty of principles, respect for the consumer, product quality and reliability before the dealers, becoming a traditional brand in the market for office supplies store and stationery store, such as : pins, paper clips, staple, prong fasteners, thumb tacks, and related items.

Our products can be found all over Brazil, at wholesalers and retailers of stationery store and office supplies stores.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact our representative in your region.

Our website features detailed product information to guide and facilitate your purchases. If you are a consumer and can not find what you are looking for at the local store, please let us know and we will refer you to our nearest dealer.

Brazilian Industry

Address: Rua Vitória 61 - Vila Assunção - Santo André - SP - Zip Code 09030-050 - Phone: (11) 4435-7355 - Fax: (11) 4435-7350 - 24 Hours.

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